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Richard BentonInstructor - Field Search

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Radio Communications

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Each candidate for membership must complete an application and background check.  Not everyone is accepted and all members are non-paid volunteers. We provide the training to exceed national standards, you must provide the commitment.

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President, Founder

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Being the best isn't easy....
            but would you want anything less if your child was lost?


Founded February 14, 1994, First Response Search and Rescue was formed in response to the to the lack of acceptance of national standards, training and certification for search and rescue teams in Texas.  Beginning with a standard business structure, managed as a business instead of a club, we were the first in Texas to adopt the national standard for Search and Rescue Technician (SAR-Tech), by the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), as a minimum certification for all of our team members.

In 1997 First Response was honored by the Texas State Senate (SR 126) for our establishment of a quality, certified resource for the citizens of the state of Texas.  

Today, we continue to raise the bar, offering a quality service at no charge to the requesting agency, victim or family involved.  

​First Response Search and Rescue provides trained and certified, searchers and canines, to assist law enforcement and other official agencies in their investigation of the lost, missing, or abducted person  First Response Search and Rescue also provides training and certification through a variety of recognized sources such as the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) and the American Heart Association to agencies, search & rescue teams, and CERT teams, to name a few.  

Please click on the links throughout our website for more detailed information. We pride ourselves in being totally transparent and having a genuine attitude of service for your agency and our fellow man. 

​These things we do...   that others may live.

As a donor

We are sincerely grateful for each donation we receive.  We strive to be 100% transparent so you can be assured that you donation goes to support our mission.  Donations may be monetary of donations of equipment . . .

As a requesting agency

We understand the needs of law enforcement and view each request for assistance as an emergency.

Our mode of operation is simply "quiet in and quiet out", we work for you...

What to Expect 

First      Response


Kim StephensInstructor - Canine

Tracking / Trailing

SAR-Tech Evaluator

Your donations help make this a reality..

Don StephensNASAR Instructor

SAR-Tech Evaluator

Search Management

First Response Search and Rescue Team is a non-profit 501(c)(3), Tax Exempt corporation.  All members volunteer their time, talent, and personal resources to help the victims we serve.  WE HAVE NO PAID STAFF and we receive no funding from any governmental entity, 100% of your donation goes directly toward helping the victims we serve.

In a day where some "Search Teams" have the audacity to turn a search for a lost child into a fund raising venture or to send a bill to the family, victim, or requesting agency for search and rescue services, it's nice to know there are still people who believe in helping their neighbors in their time of need.

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Frank MillerCommunications Advisor

Craig JonesInstructor - Canine 

Area / Air Scent

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