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First Response works  for the improvement of the missing person search and rescue

response within the state of Texas.  First Response instructors work with Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

groups throughout the state of Texas to help develop multiple task force teams, expanding the                                                           ground search role of CAP in the missing person search response with local law enforcement                                                                and other civilian search teams.  The program in Texas is known as "CAPSAR" which simply stands for Civil Air Patrol Search And Rescue.  CAPSAR was modeled after the national award winning advanced ground team program developed in Arizona by our First Response board member, Dallas Lane. The goal of this project is to help local search teams better use the tremendous assets and talent that the Civil Air Patrol has to offer. The assets of both organizations, Civil Air Patrol CAPSAR and First Response, are available to assist local law enforcement with their missing person or disaster situation. 

Long known for their expertise in finding downed aircraft, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has grown to be much more.  The "ground team" assets of the Civil Air Patrol -Texas Wing (CAPSAR) are expanding their mission to become a state of the art missing person search and rescue resource.  Working with instructors from First Response, CAP has begun to expand their skills to include the lost person event.  No, CAPSAR does not search the type of destruction such as a large earthquake, that is a job for the USAR FEMA teams, we focus on the smaller scale disaster and the lost - missing person event.  However, Civil Air Patrol is actively involved with USAR, FEMA, and DHS using air assets to assist in disaster with such tasks as air photography and damage assessment major incidents..

Civil Air Patrol ground searcher training in CAPSAR is expanded to include training and certifications from the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) and other components to meet and exceed those established by FEMA and DHS for urban, rural, and wilderness search and rescue teams, meeting ASTM and NFPA standards.

​                                                                   This training combined with the depth of the Texas Civil Air Patrol will create an unequaled                                                                          resource to help the lost or missing person search.  With a pool of over 3200 members in                                                                            Texas to pull from, 32 single engine aircraft, and state of the art communications are just                                                                              the beginning of what CAPSAR has to offer.  

                                                                   First Response Search and Rescue Team is proud to be a partner in this ambitious project                                                                          to better serve the citizens of the State of Texas.

Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue - CAPSAR

First      Response