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The following PDF files are free for you to download and print.  If you are another search team and like a SOP or policy, feel free to use them as a guide for your team.  

[First Response Search and Rescue Team, Inc. ]  © 2014  |  Privacy policy

First Response Search and Rescue Team, Inc. is a non-profit Texas corporation and classified as a 501(c)3, tax exempt charity by the Internal Revenue Service.  We were founded February 17, 1994 with our primary mission to assist law enforcement agencies in the search and rescue of lost, missing, and abducted persons.  Our secondary stated mission is to provide education services to the general public and searchers.  We are simply here to serve.

ALL members and staff of First Response are volunteers, we have no paid staff, members, or board members.  

100% of all funds donated go directly to helping us achieve our mission.  We accept your tax deductible donations of money and equipment to benefit our organization.  We hope you find us worthy of your support.

While we strive to be totally transparent, we hope you will understand that we do not use the victim or our requesting agencies as a means to encourage donations.  Information regarding search situations is a confidential police matter and any release of information must come through that agency responsible for the incident. 

Below is a series of PDF files, copies of our corporate paperwork, our bylaws, articles of incorporation, even the Standard Operating Procedures and Policies of First Response.  This level of transparency is provided because we want you to feel comfortable as a requesting agency, member, or donor.  

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the above link.

First Response Standard Operating Policy and Procedures

On April 24, the Board of Directors voted to update all First Response policies and procedures to assure compliance with many changes since their original approval.  Below is the approved (4/24) and some proposed to be added at the next board meeting in July.  As the proposed are added by the executive director, please feel free to offer any comment you may have.  We value every members opinion.


95-03001  ​Equal Employment / Membership Opportunity

95-03002  Confidentiality of Information

95-03003  Member Behavior

95-03004  Member at Will 


First Response Approved Uniform and Related Items

Response to Agency Request for Assistance

Radio Communications 

Member Training Standards

Canine Training Standards

HIPPA Guidelines


​          (Originally exempt 5-15-2010 had to be reinstated due to an accounting error, IRS approved retroactive to original date on 5-01-2014)