First Response member Kim Stephens with "Zander" (left) and "Molly" (above) during team training sessions.

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Your donations help make this a reality..

First      Response


First Response member Todd Benton at the Moore, Oklahoma tornado response.

Together, we can make a difference.

Helping Us Make a Difference

First Response member Craig Jones and "Gunnie" working at a search in Hopkins County, Texas.

Your tax deductible donations of monetary funds and equipment help us be there at two in the morning when a child is missing or an  Alzheimer's victim has walked away disoriented.  Not everyone can make that 2:00am commitment in the cold and rain or see the horrors we all to often find, but you can help those who choose to be there when the call for help comes in.

First Response Search and Rescue Team has no paid staff or members.  We receive no funding from any governmental agency.

We are 100% volunteer and we need your help.

Our members purchase their own equipment, uniforms, and expenses to help others in need.  The training is provided by our instructors at little or no cost, but the member must purchase their own texts, study materials, and pay for heir certification fees.  For some it is a struggle to answer the call, work full time and manage a family.  Can you help?

Below are some basic initial expenses our searchers face:

​   Introduction fundamentals textbook      $  35.00

   Basic First aid and BLS course             $  50.00

   Minimum uniform items                         $135.00 (not including footwear)

   Back Pack, urban & 24 hour                  $160.00 (not including contents approx. $200 more)

   Basic NASAR certification fees              $110.00 (Levels 3 & 2)

Canine handlers have all of the above PLUS they own their search dog.  By the time they pay for their dogs medical exams, shots, and equipment needs, you can expect to more than double the above.

Our team has some immediate needs to help with our response:

     Team Insurance, general liability and searcher injury protection -- Approx. $2000 per year.

     Coordination Fee for a team private radio frequency -- Approx. $235

     Expansion and upgrade our radio equipment -- Approx. $1000  (five hand held radios @ approx. $200 each)

     Mobile Command trailer, dual axle 14 to 16 ft. bumper pull -- Approx. $3250

As you can see, it costs money to provide the services we do.  Your donations help make this a reality.

We NEVER charge the requesting agency, the victim, or their family for our services.  

​Please take a minute to review our "About Us" page and the "Corporate Information" section of our home page.  We strive to be totally transparent regarding our organization so we may be worthy of your support.  Any amount will help, maybe you can help us with a service like FREEDOM 800 recently did for our emergency response phone number, it is all appreciated.