Before, During, and After

We pride ourselves in working with agencies to establish a plan of action for the lost, missing and abduction situation.  Preplanning is critical for the successful resolution of most incidents.  Our staff is available to work with you to develop a plan for your agency, at no charge.

Our team members work even before the incident to create and maintain complete training logs for themselves and their canine partners, using court tested training log applications.  During the search incident, extensive record keeping and search management principles are fully documented. 

After the incident, all records are scanned and stored digitally.  Final reports are compiled detailing all actions taken by First Response and other searchers that you may have us manage.  All reports and digital records are copied to the agency and stored for future needs.  Of course, unless court ordered, all records are considered confidential and only released through your agency.  

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Search and Rescue Assistance

First Response team members respond only to an agency's request for assistance due to a missing person situation being a law enforcement matter.   We never "self deploy" to your incident unless it is part of your specific preplan for a major event.

All First Response members are self supporting for a minimum of 24 hours, trained and certified in search and rescue to bepart of the solution, not just another problem for you to deal with.  They recognize that the incident is always YOUR incident, we are there only as a resource to assist.  We recognize the seriousness of the situation and respect your investigation. Our members are trained in crime scene preservation and never discuss your case with the media..

Our canine members are trained in a variety of disciplines; air scent, tracking, and trailing.  We also maintain a network of canines for specialty situations such as human remains detection, narcotics and arson investigations.   In other words, if we can't do it, we will find you someone who can.


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Education Services

For years, First Response staff has instructed and certified members of other search teams across Texas and the United States.  From Texas to Montana, Washington State to Florida we have had the pleasure to work with other    search and rescue professionals as they strive to learn more -- to help the victim we all serve. 

Our staff of professionals, in conjunction with our network of instructor    contacts, can offer a wide range of training and certifications at very    affordable rates.  

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