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Terri Cole-Altman

Law Enforcement Advisor - Canine Handler

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Terri is a recent addition to our team but she is no stranger to working with canines.  From obedience and therapy dogs, to search & rescue, drug detection and other police interdiction skills, Terri brings her years of experience to our team as a law enforcement advisor and canine handler.

Terri is currently a law enforcement officer for the City of Quitman, a small town in northeast Texas, just north of Tyler.  Terri's experience began in California with a local sheriff department and was interrupted by her move to Texas.  She was a deputy sheriff with Wood county for three years but choose to move to Quitman PD after the local sheriff discontinued the departments K9 officer program.  Today, Terri and her K9 partner work the streets of Quitman with the full support of the police chief and city staff.

Terri works two canines; Dax a Belgian Malinois, who is her police K9 partner certified in mmmmm.  Her second canine is a German Shepherd named Max